Gas Stoves

Many of our wood burning stove suppliers make a gas version as well and it is sometimes hard to tell the difference. However, the gas burners light at the flick of a switch or even by remote control and, of course, they never have to be re-fuelled or cleaned out.

Electric Stoves

An electric stove does not even need a chimney opening – it can be positioned free-standing anywhere where there is a power supply. This makes them ideal for conservatories, smaller rooms or even hallways.

Solid Fuel Stoves

Solid fuel stoves have gained in popularity over the past five years, partly due to the increase in gas prices, but also because people are rediscovering the joy and ambiance associated with having a real fire burning in their homes. Home-owners are also much more aware of energy efficiency considerations and understand that a glass fronted fire ensures that the fire will push most of the heat into the room with reduced heat loss up the chimney.


From my first visit to your showroom, until the final event, your staff [Sam and Jack] have been so kind, helpful and patient. Their sense of humour has helped enormously!

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I received fantastic service from when I went in store through to the end of installation. Very informative staff which took me around the showroom and advised me on the best fires for my home!

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Best service I’ve ever received staff are fantastic and they gave me a great deal on a nice fireplace.

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